“Turn-Key” Integrated Cannabis Labelling Solutions

Why you need an expert for your cannabis label production

Cannabis Labels are technically challenging to produce. We completely understand and abide by the 40 page “Guide to Cannabis Labelling” issued by the Government of Canada that must be strictly adhered to – We know this document inside and out.  We can work with your team to ensure your labels look good and exceed all Health Canada requirements. Your Cannabis labels are a unique mix of static elements such as corporate Brand colours and variable warning messages that must be rotated through the run to meet all Health Canada’s requirements.

  • Don’t compromise on digital CMYK colour restrictions, when we can run up to 10 PMS colours at one time on our Flexo press.
  • Don’t pay higher unit costs because of short run restrictions on digital machines.
  • Don’t expect that variable data of 8 warning statements are only produced on a digital machine.
  • Have your PMS colours printed to your corporate Brand colours every time all the time!
  • We will ensure that you get all the right warnings in the right mix.
  • Your warnings statements can be rotated 1 through 8 on each roll to ensure an equal distribution in each order every time.
  • Your staff will no longer be required to rotate rolls or maintain a log for Canada Health of which warnings were printed on which rolls.
  • Run larger runs, reduce costs, never run out of labels – we inventory and send you what you need to produce – reduce wait times
  • We provide a choice of printed elements – We can produce label shells that are compatible with your in-house printing equipment, or we can print the entire label, so all you need to do is apply.
  • We understand that there are a wide range of surfaces that need to be labelled (plastic, tin, paper, rough surfaces, tight radius) – Not every label material suits every package. We match your present label and the adhesive to your packaging range.

We understand that there are choices of application methods that labels can be applied by hand or by machine.

We design the label to suit your system.