Print production

From classic brochures to pamphlets, printed materials is still the predominant way of communicating. Let us quote your next print production project and work with you to best position your business.

graphic design

We start with concept drawings and playful creative designs and then use those sparks to move to final artwork, helping your business stand out to win.

By working with one team to execute both the creative design and print production, you will save time, money, minimize errors and ensue the results are truly outstanding.


First, we work with you to ensue that your products stand out on a busy store shelve. When it is picked up, our design layout and packaging materials tell a story, ultimately inspiring buying confidence.

custom displays

Our custom displays get noticed in busy retail spaces. From ease of assembly to lighting, we think through all the details to ensure your display positions your brand to attract more business.

Promotional products

From that first conversation with a perspective customer, to that gift for a long-time client, a thoughtful promotional product can help you build a connection and strengthen an existing relationship. Our domestic and international supplier network allows us to give you the best prices, fastest delivery and the very latest products. We are proud to be ASI and PPPC licensed. 

Kitting / Co-Packing

Details matters. We start every project with good data and quality control lists for each recipient. These lists confirm how our experienced warehouse team ensure that the right materials go to the correct location on time. Our prototype sample system allows our clients to visualize exactly how their project will unfold. No surprises.

Renew Your Lists

Each mailing project allows our team to renew your distribution list against the most accurate data from Canada Post & USPS. Our on the fly reports will help us track your distribution and deal with any challenges. Better data will help us execute the project to perfection.

E-Commerce Video Production

Our team has experience developing high quality videos for social media blasts and e-commerce sales support. Explainer videos make customers feel more confident about their buying decision. Our team can incorporate various aspects such as voice-over narration and animation when required.

We have also developed introductory videos to assist our clients in their storytelling. These videos are best suited for landing pages, conferences and investor meetings.

Mailing, Distribution & LTL Delivery

With planes, trains and automobiles, our robust network allows us to deliver your products on-time, even the day before. Our warehouse team ensures that any piece leaving our facility will maximize the discounts available to us by way of sorting and validation, and that no additional expenses will arise from inaccurate paperwork, shipping weights/dimensions and improper postal formats. Get a better night’s sleep knowing your project will be executed as expected. No surprises.

Storage & Live Inventory

Our over 5,000 sq foot facility allows us to safely secure your materials for timely delivery. If you have a 40-foot tractor trailer, we can store everything inside the truck and let you park that truck behind our warehouse.

Pick & Pack Distribution Websites

Let your clients and sales’ team choose their promotional item and have it delivered the next day with our point-and click website portal. Delivered products can come with a thoughtful personalized touch.

Partnerships with Canada Post & UPS

Our facility is an approved Canada Post Shipping Partner and a Tier 1 UPS vendor. Over the last 5 years, we have delivered 7.5 million pieces of mail and 100,000 parcels per year.

Variable Data

We know your clients and sales teams are the heart and soul of your business. Our technology allows you to personalize your communication and product delivery at a one-to-one level. We make it happen.

Our marketing projects move very quickly and often have last minute changes. I keep coming back to Mario Biasini because he thoughtfully works with my team to get it done, no matter what the obstacle.

Heather Nickel Bourne, Brand Manager, Schwarzkopf (Henkel)

I have worked with Mario Biasini for more than 20 years. He is my go-to solution for print production, signage, mailing and retail display projects.

Ornella Piko, Marketing Director, BSH Appliance Canada

Branded Productions consistently delivers high-quality service, printing anything and everything we send them. But the biggest reason I go to them time and again is the customer service. Mario Biasini provides courteous, prompt and professional service with an eye to detail and a real pride in the finished product.

Julie Svensson Watt, Director Of Communications, Habitat for Humanity